The Coaching Inns of Great Britain

We have seen them in romantic movies, even in mystery ones - they are the coaching inns of Great Britain. The jovial and cosy atmosphere, the small town enchantment, the magical surroundings, these are all images that we summon to mind when we think of these coaching inns or pubs that offer cosy accommodations, great food, a bar, and a welcoming atmosphere.

These inns can be found throughout Wales, Scotland, and Yorkshire Dales. These legendary inns offer the guest not only a great place to stay, and good food and drinks, but also, scenic and beautiful surroundings to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Some coaching inns date back to 500 years of history, although now modernized to accommodate the needs of guests. Some offer the best countryside views, a yesteryear flavor, but with the conveniences of today. Some have colorful and interesting names, which add to their charm. Some of the most popular coaching inns are The Blue Lion, The Pheasant, The Inn at Whitewell, The Millstone at Mellor, The Rose & Crown of Romaldkirk, The Feversham Arms, The Bell Inn, Castle House, Barnsdale Lodge, The Boar's Head, The Hoste Arms, The Peacock, Milsoms, The Kings Head Inn, The Yorke Arms, Shibden Mill Inn, The Old Bridge, Ye Olde Bull's Head, Chilworth Manor, The White Hart at Lydgate, Grassington House, The Horseshoe Inn, and many others.

Although these Inns are independently owned, they have something in common; they offer the guest a stay with great service, comfortable accommodations, friendly staff, and delicious wine. The coaching inns offer many other events during the seasons such as antique events, gourmet food events, and wine tasting, among other special events.

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Other interesting features of these inns are fresh food, sometimes grown near or on premises, great wine, which you can purchase from them, and an organic appeal. Most inns do not have room numbers; it is customary to name the rooms. Some of them have small bedroom, suites, or a combination of both. Other, offer cottage suites with burning stoves and a romantic setting. Some are conveniently located to shopping areas as well. Some inns offer spa gardens, heated pools, and more modern conveniences, such as internet access and in-room movies. Some are more rural than others are, but always have the guest comfort as number one priority, others are trendier.

Although some of these inns date back centuries, most of them have been rebuilt to accommodate the needs of today's travellers. Coaching inns originated when travellers used to travel via horse coach and needed a place to sleep, rest, and eat. Many pubs and inns originated in the middle ages and were run by monks who offered a place to stay, eat, and sleep, as well as drink. Today's modern hotel industry has presented a threat to these charming inns; however, many thrive and offer an atmosphere and personal touch that no modern hotel can rival. Each inn has its individual style reflected in its décor and surroundings. Many offer luxurious bedding, and focus on every detail, offering the best, from luxurious sheets to the best of organic foods, and farmhouse delectables. Some offer the convenience of in room service as well, but all of this surrounded by a charming and cosy atmosphere reminiscent of yesteryear friendly service and old inn's camaraderie and festiveness.

Prices vary depending on the area, ones being more affordable than others are. Many offer breakfast and dinner. Many of these inns take pride in keeping some of the old characteristics alive, such as façade and coach entrance; this makes them unique and unlike any other type of accommodation. The coaching Inns of Great Britain have much to offer the traveller, and they present an interesting part of the history as well as the present, of this beautiful country.